LDAP directory connector for bitwarden_rs

Updated 23 hours ago

Advent of Code 2020

Updated 1 day ago

My solutions for Advent of Code 2021

Updated 1 day ago

Job scheduler for Restic backups

Updated 3 days ago

My Nomad homelab

Updated 4 days ago

Shim service allowing authenticating a Nomad session using Vault

Updated 2 weeks ago

Drone plugin to run pre-commit hooks

Updated 4 weeks ago

My Vim Settings and a script to auto setup them

Updated 4 weeks ago

Personal experiments with Hashicorp and Kubernetes stacks

Updated 1 month ago

Pre-Commit hooks for validating Docker projects

Updated 2 months ago

Easily download releases from sites like Github and Gitea

Updated 2 months ago

A simple alternative to Chef and Puppet to bootstrap *nix machines.

Updated 2 months ago

Building cAdvisor for multiple architechtures

Updated 3 months ago

Work in progress workflow to input 2FA codes from Yubikeys

Updated 5 months ago

A minimal monitoring tool

Updated 6 months ago

A minimal monitoring system

Updated 8 months ago

Checks current running containers for newer tags according to semver

Updated 8 months ago

Set of rules to decide which browser to use to launch a url

Updated 8 months ago