Command Line SFDC Deploy Tool

Updated 5 years ago

Work in progress workflow to input 2FA codes from Yubikeys

Updated 5 months ago

Pre-commit hooks for working with Ansible

Updated 2 years ago

Advent of Code 2020

Updated 1 day ago

My solutions for Advent of Code 2021

Updated 1 day ago

Authelia app for Cloudron

Updated 4 years ago

LDAP directory connector for bitwarden_rs

Updated 23 hours ago

Set of rules to decide which browser to use to launch a url

Updated 8 months ago

Building cAdvisor for multiple architechtures

Updated 3 months ago

Work in progress implementation of a deck of cards and card games

Updated 1 year ago

Mirror of Casper fork

Updated 2 years ago

Server-side component of Clear Transit, Android/Glass app for finding nearby transit times

Updated 4 years ago

Fork of the e2e-tests from Cloudron

Updated 6 years ago

Updated 6 years ago

Example using mole to create a proxy to access Docker containers on a remote network

Updated 3 years ago

Docker build of a Cloudflare DDNS client using their example code

Updated 2 years ago