A minimal monitoring tool

Updated 2 days ago

Example using mole to create a proxy to access Docker containers on a remote network

Updated 1 month ago

LDAP directory connector for bitwarden_rs

Updated 3 months ago

OpenJDK based Docker image for running PMD

Updated 11 months ago

Example repo for multi-arch Docker builds with Drone

Updated 1 week ago

Docker build of a Cloudflare DDNS client using their example code

Updated 3 weeks ago

Authelia app for Cloudron

Updated 10 months ago

Mirror of Casper fork

Updated 4 weeks ago

Server-side component of Clear Transit, Android/Glass app for finding nearby transit times

Updated 1 year ago

Simple scheduling for short-running Docker containers

Updated 6 months ago

Pre-Commit hooks for validating Docker projects

Updated 3 weeks ago

Simple extended syntax/conventions and tools to use Markdown making note taking and tasks easier

Updated 1 year ago

My beets config

Updated 7 months ago

Sync contact images from Google to vcards (Nextcloud, ownCloud)

Updated 1 year ago

A minimal monitoring system

Updated 3 weeks ago

Set of services for extracting metadata from emails and taking an action on it.

Updated 4 weeks ago