Yubikey cli for retrieving TOTP codes

Updated 1 year ago

Theme based on Textual Tomorrow Night (Eighties) with scrollback features added from Equinox

Updated 6 years ago

My Vim Settings and a script to auto setup them

Updated 4 weeks ago

Vim plugin for Abuse the Force

Updated 9 years ago

Vagrant configuration for running a Cloudron test instance Still a WIP

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 5 years ago

Checks current running containers for newer tags according to semver

Updated 8 months ago

C# Wrapper for the Subsonic API

Updated 12 years ago

Sublime Text 2 plugin to interface with Abuse the Force

Updated 9 years ago

Simple logger for Go with no dependencies

Updated 2 years ago

Set your Slack status via the command line

Updated 10 months ago

A simple alternative to Chef and Puppet to bootstrap *nix machines.

Updated 2 months ago

Job scheduler for Restic backups

Updated 4 days ago

Easily download releases from sites like Github and Gitea

Updated 2 months ago

Zero pad numeric filenames

Updated 8 months ago

Zero-padding numeric filenames

Updated 2 years ago

Open Source Android app for reading OTBeat stats

Updated 3 years ago

Personal experiments with Hashicorp and Kubernetes stacks

Updated 1 month ago

Send push notifications from the terminal to a Slack with a Webhook

Updated 12 months ago

Shim service allowing authenticating a Nomad session using Vault

Updated 2 weeks ago