Docker build of a Cloudflare DDNS client using their example code
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Docker Cloudfare DDNS

Simple Docker image that wraps an example script to dynamically update a Cloudflare DNS record.


There are two things to configure. First, the domain that you wish to update needs to be provided as a command line argument. This can be done by adding it to the end of your run command (example in the Makefile) or by adding it as a command to your compose file. Eg:

  image: IamTheFij/cloudflare-ddns
  command: [""]

Your Cloudflare credentials can be passed in any way that python-cloudflare allows. Generally, either via envioronment variables:  # Do not set if using an API Token

Or by providing a file mounted to the working directory in the image, /src/.cloudflare.cfg that contains something like:

emal =  # Do not set if using an API Token
token = 00000000000000000000
certtoken = v1.0-...

Then run. To execute from this directory, you can use the convenient Make target.

make run


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