Set of services for extracting metadata from emails and taking an action on it.
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Simple service to act as data layer for Email Assitant


Path: / Returns: OK


Path: /token


Accepts JSON representation of a EmailToken


Field Type Example
"subject" String "Your shipping info"
"token" String "123456"
"type" String "SHIPPING"
"metadata" Object (optional) {"carrier": "UPS"}
"disabled" Boolean (optional) false


Field Type Example
"success" Boolean true
"token" Token Object {"id": 1, ... }


Path: /token Returns all Token Objects


Parameter Description Example
"filter_type" String token type to filter by SHIPPING


Field Type Example
"tokens" List of Token Objects [{"id": 1, ... }, ...]

Path: /token/<int:token_id> Returns Token Object with that ID