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@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ The global configurations are:
|`check_interval`|Maximum frequency to run checks for each monitor (as duration, eg. 1m2s)|
|`check_interval`|Maximum frequency to run checks for each monitor as duration, eg. 1m2s.|
|`monitors`|List of all monitors. Detailed description below|
|`alerts`|List of all alerts. Detailed description below|
@ -143,6 +143,18 @@ alerts:
command: 'echo {{.MonitorName}}'
Interval durations have changed from being an integer number of seconds to a duration string supported by Go, for example:
check_interval: 90
check_interval: 1m30s
For the time being, legacy configs for the Python version of Minitor should be compatible if you apply the `-py-compat` flag when running Minitor. Eventually, this flag will go away when later breaking changes are introduced.
## Future