A minimal monitoring tool
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package main
import (
// TODO: Not sure if this is the best way to handle. A global instance for
// metrics isn't bad, but it might be nice to curry versions of the metrics
// for each monitor. Especially since every monitor has it's own. Perhaps
// another new function that essentially curries each metric for a given
// monitor name would do. This could be run when validating monitors and
// initializing alert templates.
// MinitorMetrics contains all counters and metrics that Minitor will need to access
type MinitorMetrics struct {
alertCount *prometheus.CounterVec
checkCount *prometheus.CounterVec
checkTime *prometheus.GaugeVec
monitorStatus *prometheus.GaugeVec
// NewMetrics creates and initializes all metrics
func NewMetrics() *MinitorMetrics {
// Initialize all metrics
metrics := &MinitorMetrics{
alertCount: prometheus.NewCounterVec(
Name: "minitor_alert_total",
Help: "Number of Minitor alerts",
[]string{"alert", "monitor"},
checkCount: prometheus.NewCounterVec(
Name: "minitor_check_total",
Help: "Number of Minitor checks",
[]string{"monitor", "status", "is_alert"},
checkTime: prometheus.NewGaugeVec(
Name: "minitor_check_milliseconds",
Help: "Time in miliseconds that a check ran for",
[]string{"monitor", "status"},
monitorStatus: prometheus.NewGaugeVec(
Name: "minitor_monitor_up_count",
Help: "Status of currently responsive monitors",
// Register newly created metrics
return metrics
// SetMonitorStatus sets the current status of Monitor
func (metrics *MinitorMetrics) SetMonitorStatus(monitor string, isUp bool) {
val := 0.0
if isUp {
val = 1.0
metrics.monitorStatus.With(prometheus.Labels{"monitor": monitor}).Set(val)
// CountCheck counts the result of a particular Monitor check
func (metrics *MinitorMetrics) CountCheck(monitor string, isSuccess bool, ms int64, isAlert bool) {
status := "failure"
if isSuccess {
status = "success"
alertVal := "false"
if isAlert {
alertVal = "true"
prometheus.Labels{"monitor": monitor, "status": status, "is_alert": alertVal},
prometheus.Labels{"monitor": monitor, "status": status},
// CountAlert counts an alert
func (metrics *MinitorMetrics) CountAlert(monitor string, alert string) {
"alert": alert,
"monitor": monitor,
// ServeMetrics starts an http server with a Prometheus metrics handler
func ServeMetrics() {
http.Handle("/metrics", promhttp.Handler())
host := fmt.Sprintf(":%d", MetricsPort)
_ = http.ListenAndServe(host, nil)