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IamTheFij deec04bf0d Allow setting of global defaults for some values
This helps with reducing redundant config.

Note: There is no default for `alert_every` because the zero value has a
meaning and cannot be interpreted as an omission.
3 months ago
invalid-config-missing-alerts.yml Add pre-commit to the repo 3 years ago
invalid-config-type.yml Add some config tests 4 years ago
invalid-config-unknown-alert.yml Add more config validation 4 years ago
valid-config-default-values.yml Allow setting of global defaults for some values 3 months ago
valid-config.yml Add duration parsing tests 2 years ago
valid-default-log-alert.yml Add a default log alert 3 years ago
valid-verify-multi-line.yml Switch to a single key for command and command shell 3 years ago