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package main
import "testing"
func TestUtilEqualSliceString(t *testing.T) {
cases := []struct {
a, b []string
expected bool
// Equal cases
{nil, nil, true},
{nil, []string{}, true},
{[]string{}, nil, true},
{[]string{"a"}, []string{"a"}, true},
// Inequal cases
{nil, []string{"b"}, false},
{[]string{"a"}, nil, false},
{[]string{"a"}, []string{"b"}, false},
{[]string{"a"}, []string{"a", "b"}, false},
{[]string{"a", "b"}, []string{"b"}, false},
for _, c := range cases {
actual := EqualSliceString(c.a, c.b)
if actual != c.expected {
"EqualSliceString(%v, %v), expected=%v actual=%v",
c.a, c.b, c.expected, actual,