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  IamTheFij edb3bdb44a Allow disabling repeated alerts 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 7ea24b8a89 Simplify sample config to work around bug in yamlenv 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 4f147b2e59 Clean up sample-config.yml 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 9bbc452ee9 Add exponential backoff 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 9fcf69469e Prepare for pypi 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 202ca73e96 MVP! 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 636ad103a3 Add run loop and interval 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 2b5856ee30 initial commit poc 2 years ago