Personal experiments with Hashicorp and Kubernetes stacks
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.PHONY: default
default: check
# Ensures virtualenv is present
virtualenv --python python3 virtualenv_run
./virtualenv_run/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
# Alias for virtualenv_run
.PHONY: virtualenv
virtualenv: virtualenv_run
# Installs pre-commit hooks
.PHONY: install-hooks
install-hooks: virtualenv_run
./virtualenv_run/bin/pre-commit install --install-hooks
# Checks files for encryption
.PHONY: check
check: virtualenv_run
./virtualenv_run/bin/pre-commit run --all-files
# Creates a new secrets baseline
.secrets-baseline: virtualenv_run
./virtualenv_run/bin/detect-secrets scan --exclude-secrets '(\$${.*}|from_env|fake|!secret)' > .secrets-baseline
# Audits secrets against baseline
.PHONY: secrets-audit
secrets-audit: virtualenv_run .secrets-baseline
./virtualenv_run/bin/detect-secrets audit .secrets-baseline
# Updates secrets baseline
.PHONY: secrets-update
secrets-update: virtualenv_run .secrets-baseline
./virtualenv_run/bin/detect-secrets scan --baseline .secrets-baseline