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OPEN_CMD := $(shell type xdg-open &> /dev/null && echo 'xdg-open' || echo 'open')
NAME := padio
ENV := env
.PHONY: default
default: test
# Creates virtualenv
python3 -m venv $(ENV)
# Install package and dependencies in virtualenv
$(ENV)/bin/$(NAME): $(ENV)
$(ENV)/bin/pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
# Install tox into virtualenv for running tests
$(ENV)/bin/tox: $(ENV)
$(ENV)/bin/pip install tox
# Install wheel for building packages
$(ENV)/bin/wheel: $(ENV)
$(ENV)/bin/pip install wheel
# Install twine for uploading packages
$(ENV)/bin/twine: $(ENV)
$(ENV)/bin/pip install twine
# Installs dev requirements to virtualenv
.PHONY: devenv
devenv: $(ENV)/bin/$(NAME)
# Generates a smaller env for running tox, which builds it's own env
.PHONY: test-env
test-env: $(ENV)/bin/tox
# Generates a small build env for building and uploading dists
.PHONY: build-env
build-env: $(ENV)/bin/twine $(ENV)/bin/wheel
# Runs package
.PHONY: run
run: $(ENV)/bin/$(NAME)
# Runs tests with tox
.PHONY: test
test: $(ENV)/bin/tox
# Builds wheel for package to upload
.PHONY: build
build: $(ENV)/bin/wheel
$(ENV)/bin/python sdist
$(ENV)/bin/python bdist_wheel
# Verify that the python version matches the git tag so we don't push bad shas
.PHONY: verify-tag-version
$(eval TAG_NAME = $(shell [ -n "$(DRONE_TAG)" ] && echo $(DRONE_TAG) || git describe --tags --exact-match))
test "v$(shell python -V)" = "$(TAG_NAME)"
# Uses twine to upload to pypi
.PHONY: upload
upload: verify-tag-version build $(ENV)/bin/twine
$(ENV)/bin/twine upload dist/*
# Uses twine to upload to test pypi
.PHONY: upload-test
upload-test: verify-tag-version build $(ENV)/bin/twine
$(ENV)/bin/twine upload --repository-url dist/*
# Cleans all build, runtime, and test artifacts
.PHONY: clean
rm -fr ./build *.egg-info ./htmlcov ./.coverage ./.pytest_cache ./.tox
find . -name '*.pyc' -delete
find . -name '__pycache__' -delete
# Cleans dist and env
.PHONY: dist-clean
dist-clean: clean
rm -fr ./dist $(ENV)
# Install pre-commit hooks
.PHONY: install-hooks
install-hooks: $(ENV)
$(ENV)/bin/tox -e pre-commit -- install -f --install-hooks
# Generates test coverage
# Builds coverage html
htmlcov/index.html: .coverage
$(ENV)/bin/coverage html
# Opens coverage html in browser (on macOS and some Linux systems)
.PHONY: open-coverage
open-coverage: htmlcov/index.html
$(OPEN_CMD) htmlcov/index.html