Yubikey cli for retrieving TOTP codes
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Yubikey cli for retrieving TOTP codes


Currently, there is no binary release published, but it can be built with make build and then you can copy ./build/yk to somewhere in your path.

If you're a fish user, you can also add ./scripts/yk.fish to your conf.d/ directory to get completions.


Executing make build will compile to ./build/yk. Additionally, distribution builds should be possible with make all or by building a particular target. Eg make ./dist/yk-darwin-amd64. There is also an alias present and the ./dist/ prefix can be left off.

Note on distribution builds

Currently cross compiling is not working correctly.

Building for linux distros

This is a work in progress, but it can be done by running ./build_linux.sh [golang|ubuntu].