vim plugin for the force cli
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Plugin for "compiling" code with force cli

Integrates with vim-dispatch and vim-airline


  • Install the force cli
  • Use Vundle or something similar to install this plugin


  • let g:force_dispatch_background = 0: Set to 1 to use vim-dispatch to background any commands
  • let g:force_disable_airline = 0: Set to 1 to disable integration with vim-airline


  • ForceDeploy: executes force push to deploy file to server
  • ForceTest: executes force test to run tests in current class
  • ForceActive: Displays currently active target
  • ForceActive ?: List all orgs
  • ForceActive orgName: Activate specified org
  • ForceLogin: Re-login to current org
  • ForceLogin url: Login to provided url


  • ForceNewExecAnon: Start new scratch window for executing anonymous code
  • ForceExecScratchAnon: Execute contents of buffer

Based on plugin vim-abuse-the-force