Asynchronous linting and make framework for Neovim/Vim
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A plugin for asynchronous :make using Neovim's job-control functionality. It is inspired by the excellent vim plugins Syntastic and Dispatch.

This plugin also works in ordinary vim, but without the asynchronous benefits.

This is alpha quality software. The APIs haven't totally levelled out yet, and things may break and change often until they do. That said, I'm using it daily (but also hacking on it as it breaks). Feel free to let me know what works / doesn't work for you!

The minimum Neovim version supported by Neomake is NVIM 0.0.0-alpha+201503292107 (commit 960b9108c). The minimum Vim version supported by Neomake is 7.4.503 (although if you don't use g:neomake_logfile older versions will probably work fine as well).

How to use (basic)

Just set your makeprg and errorformat as normal, and run:


If your makeprg can take a filename as an input, then you can run :Neomake (no exclamation point) to pass the current file as the first argument. Otherwise, it is simply invoked in vim's current directory with no arguments.

Here's an example of how to run neomake on the current file on every write:

autocmd! BufWritePost * Neomake

The make command will be run in an asynchronous job. The results will be populated in the window's quickfix list for :Neomake! and the location list for :Neomake as the job runs. Run :copen or :lopen to see the whole list.

How to use (advanced)

Taking a page from the book of syntastic, you can configure "makers" (called "checkers" in syntastic) for different filetypes. Here is an example configuration:

let g:neomake_javascript_jshint_maker = {
    \ 'args': ['--verbose'],
    \ 'errorformat': '%A%f: line %l\, col %v\, %m \(%t%*\d\)',
    \ }
let g:neomake_javascript_enabled_makers = ['jshint']

For use with the :Neomake command (makers that run on an individual file), it is critical that makers follow this naming convention:

g:neomake_{ language }_{ makername }_maker

Where { language } is replaced with the name of the language, and { makername } is replaced with the name that you want your maker to have. If your maker does not follow this convention, neomake will not be able to see it, and you will get an error message like { makername } not found.

If the string '%:p' shows up anywhere in the 'args' list, it will be expand()ed to the full path of the current file in place. Otherwise, the full path to the file will be add()ed to the end of the list. You can customize the program that is called by adding an 'exe' property which should be a string (defaults to the name of the maker).

Once you have created your makers, run :Neomake as normal. Run :Neomake <checker-name> to run only a single checker. Configuring a filetype to use makers will currently cause the makeprg to be ignored (this should be remedied).

Makers provided by neomake as of this writing are:


  • coffeelint


  • go
  • golint


  • eslint
  • jshint
  • jsxhint


  • jsonlint


  • jsxhint


  • pep8
  • flake8
  • pyflakes
  • pylint
  • python


  • rubocop


  • clang
  • gcc


  • clang++
  • g++


  • dmd


  • shellcheck


  • shellcheck


  • rustc


  • chktex
  • lacheck

Since this list may be out of date, look in autoload/neomake/makers for all supported makers.

If you find this plugin useful, please contribute your maker recipes to the repository! Check out autoload/neomake/makers/*.vim to see how that is currently done.