My Vim Settings and a script to auto setup them
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#! /bin/bash
# Clear explicit PYTHONPATH since this gets confused between py2 and py3
export PYTHONPATH=""
# Ignore failed installs
if [ -z "$IGNORE_MISSING" ]; then
set -e
set +e
# Determines if a command exists or not
function command_exist() {
command -v "$1" > /dev/null 2>&1;
# Runs a command or spits out the output
function maybe_run() {
if command_exist "$1" ;then
echo "> $*"
# shellcheck disable=2048,2086
eval $*
echo "ERROR: $1 does not exist. Could not run $*"
## Language servers
function install_language_servers() {
echo "### Installing language servers..."
# bash
maybe_run npm install -g bash-language-server
# Kotlin
# Python
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade python-language-server
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade python-language-server
maybe_run pip install --user "python-lsp-server[all]" || echo "WARNING: python-lsp-server is py3 only"
maybe_run pip3 install --user "python-lsp-server[all]"
maybe_run npm install -g pyright
# Rust
maybe_run rustup component add rls rustfmt rust-analysis rust-src clippy rustfmt
# Go
maybe_run env GO111MODULE=on go install
echo ""
## Linters
function install_linters() {
echo "### Installing linters..."
# Python
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade flake8
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade mypy || echo "WARNING: mypy is py3 only"
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade flake8 mypy
maybe_run npm install -g csslint
# Vim
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade vim-vint
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade vim-vint
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade yamllint
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade yamllint
# Text / Markdown
maybe_run npm install -g alex write-good
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade proselint
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade proselint
# Makefile
# maybe_run go install
# Go
maybe_run release-gitter --git-url "" \
--map-system Windows=windows --map-system Linux=linux --map-system Darwin=darwin \
--map-arch x86_64=amd64 --map-arch armv7l=armv7 \
--extract-files golangci-lint "golangci-lint-{version}-{system}-{arch}.tar.gz" ~/bin
# Lua
maybe_run luarocks --local install luacheck
# Docker
maybe_run release-gitter --git-url "" \
-c '"mv ~/bin/hadolint-* ~/bin/hadolint && chmod +x ~/bin/hadolint"' \
"hadolint-{system}-x86_64" ~/bin
echo ""
## Fixers
function install_fixers() {
echo "### Installing fixers..."
# CSS/JS/HTML/JSON/YAML/Markdown/and more!
maybe_run npm install -g prettier
# Python
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade autopep8 reorder-python-imports
maybe_run pip install --user --upgrade black pyls-black python-lsp-black pyls-isort pyls-mypy || echo "WARNING: black is py3 only"
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade black pyls-black python-lsp-black pyls-isort pyls-mypy autopep8 reorder-python-imports
# Rust
maybe_run rustup component add rustfmt
# Lua
if ! release-gitter --git-url "" \
--map-system Windows=win64 --map-system Linux=linux --map-system Darwin=macos \
-x -c "chmod +x ~/bin/stylua" "stylua-{version}-{system}.zip" ~/bin ; then
maybe_run cargo install stylua
echo ""
function main() {
maybe_run pip3 install --user --upgrade release-gitter
echo ""
echo "DONE"