A simple iOS app to sync Fitbit data to Apple Health on the iPhone.

Updated 3 years ago

Pre-commit hooks for working with Ansible

Updated 1 year ago

Work in progress workflow to input 2FA codes from Yubikeys

Updated 1 month ago

C# Wrapper for the Subsonic API

Updated 11 years ago

Vim plugin for Abuse the Force

Updated 9 years ago

Sublime Text 2 plugin to interface with Abuse the Force

Updated 8 years ago

Desktop notifications for Go

Updated 8 years ago

Command Line SFDC Deploy Tool

Updated 5 years ago

Asynchronous linting and make framework for Neovim/Vim

Updated 7 years ago

vim plugin for the force cli

Updated 5 years ago

Simple CLI tool for sending Pushbullet notifications

Updated 5 years ago

Theme based on Textual Tomorrow Night (Eighties) with scrollback features added from Equinox

Updated 5 years ago

Generates Dash docsets from Salesforce documentation

Updated 2 years ago

A simple alternative to Chef and Puppet to bootstrap *nix machines.

Updated 3 months ago

Open Source Android app for reading OTBeat stats

Updated 3 years ago

Vagrant configuration for running a Cloudron test instance Still a WIP

Updated 8 months ago

A Drone plugin to push files to a webdav server

Updated 4 years ago

Updated 5 years ago

Fork of the e2e-tests from Cloudron https://git.cloudron.io/iamthefij/e2e-test

Updated 5 years ago