Command Line SFDC Deploy Tool
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Abuse the Force

NOTE: This is essentially unmaintained. I've been using the Force CLI

A tool expanding upon Metaforce for deploying to multiple orgs as well as simpler setup for use as a pseudo compiler


  • Store orgs config file for easy switching between deploy targets
  • Familiar command sub-command interface (think git)
  • Deploy single files without deploying the entire project
  • Execute test class
  • Deploy a list of specific files to deploy
  • Vim plugin
  • Sublime plugin


Much like git, you initialize your project directory by adding your deploy targets first. Once you have one set you can view the active target with atf target. If you want to deploy from there you just execute one of the deploy commands.

Simple Setup Example

# Add production
atf target add production MY_SECURITY_TOKEN
# Deploy to production
atf deploy project
# Add a sandbox
atf target add sandbox MY_SECURITY_TOKEN --sandbox
# Switch active targets
atf target activate sandbox
# Deploy to sandbox
atf deploy project
# Deploy a single file
atf deploy file src/classes/MyClass.cls
# Run a test class
atf deploy test src/classes/MyClassTest.cls
# Retrieve a single file
atf retrieve file src/objects/Opportunity.object

More advanced documentation can be found by running any of the help commands.

atf help
atf deploy help
atf retrieve help
atf target help

Deploy List

Deploy list gives you an easy way to only deploy files that have changed. This works really well if you are using some kind of version control.

It takes a file of the format:


You can generate a file like this using git diff --no-commit-id --name-only or the script included in the examples directory.

Why This Over Metaforce?

  • Vim and Sublime plugins
  • Command line configuration management
  • Options for deploying or retrieving a single file
  • Encrypted Passwords coming soon


Must have ruby 1.9 and gem installed

git clone git://
cd abuse-the-force

If you have Rake

rake install

Or you can do it with gem

gem build abusetheforce.gemspec
gem install abusetheforce-X.X.X.gem # make sure the proper version is present


  • See Issues tab

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