Work in progress workflow to input 2FA codes from Yubikeys
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Alfred Yubico Auth

This workflow allows quick searching and filling, and copying of OTP codes from a supported Yubikey.

So far, it has been tested with a Yubikey NEO on a MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina. I have no other devices to test with, but bug reports and patches may still be reviewed.


Currently this package depends on a fork of yawn/ykoath. To allow this to be built directly from this repo, the fork is added as a git submodule. This can be cloned using git clone --recurse-submodules or cloning normally and then executing git submodule update --init. Once the change has been merged upstream, the submodule and this notice will go away.


Building requires mage

To see all targets and their descriptions, run mage -l. The most basic ones are as follows:

  • mage install: Build and install into your local machine for testing
  • mage dist: Build bundle for distribution


This uses deanishe/awgo to interface with Alfred and yawn/ykoath for interracting with the Yubikey