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IamTheFij 9a22a2046c Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master' 2 months ago
IamTheFij 67b85ce990 Remove no-verify recommendation 2 months ago
IamTheFij 86d69eafb9
Merge pull request #1 from lkwg82/patch-1 2 months ago
IamTheFij aeda358a4a Change drone steps 9 months ago
IamTheFij 5c7dc7758b Add pre-commit hooks of our own 9 months ago
IamTheFij 9a0ea5ca85 Expand command line flags 9 months ago
Lars K.W. Gohlke 6cf90c5656
fixes link to hadolint 9 months ago
IamTheFij 96e53d68bb Add hadolint 1 year ago
IamTheFij 433aa60a38 Add shellcheck back 1 year ago
IamTheFij d0670c0c9f Switch to debian slim base for tests 1 year ago
IamTheFij af49bee4e5 Add some tests and drone to run them 1 year ago
IamTheFij 65b9cd0f1b Fix hook description 1 year ago
IamTheFij 16df7e8c2f Working commit 3 years ago
IamTheFij 81177127ad Initial commit 3 years ago