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  IamTheFij 6e324795d4 Use logger rather than print 3 days ago
  IamTheFij 9632615a91 Tidy up go modules 2 days ago
  IamTheFij 8bee376540 Update cron to v3 3 days ago
  IamTheFij bb6c7f903a Remove Gopkg.* 7 months ago
  IamTheFij c89d1e314c Update entrypoint and update multi-stage builds 7 months ago
  IamTheFij a6b46bfca2 Update all make targets and Readme for building 7 months ago
  IamTheFij c9374f5e83 Update staged build with versioning and targets 7 months ago
  IamTheFij 7af52c54b1 Fix drone builds building wrong arm64 images 7 months ago
  IamTheFij 0e44c6e2cf Switch to go mod instead of dep 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 33c945536a Switch to arm32v7 to match manifest 8 months ago
  IamTheFij aa35a8271c Add versioning to dockron binary 9 months ago
  IamTheFij 6e74d3b93f Update README to describe docker images 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 44a54f1c7f Add multi-arch builds 10 months ago
  IamTheFij b5a19bb1d2 Add drone builds 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 24078806e3 Updated tagline 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 5fcb935c0f Switch to busybox 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 5b5c1ce040 Rename binary 1 year ago
  IamTheFij e032fe6a66 Remove tick log because it's kinda pointless 1 year ago
  IamTheFij da50191759 Come up with a name and watch flag 1 year ago
  IamTheFij c840d7b0b2 Hella comments 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 3dcc190d3f A WIP README 1 year ago
  IamTheFij a4dad986cc Add Dockerfile 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 3c22782848 Add polling for changes from Docker 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 5d88657d96 Add Makefile and dependency management 1 year ago
  IamTheFij aa6da671ea Pre-loading batches into list 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 2318a12ff2 WIP - Actually kinda works! 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 2fc174ad96 Initial commit 1 year ago