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IamTheFij 5698f9bccd Fix tag version propogation 1 year ago
IamTheFij 2a03ef21ad Further parameterize Makefile to make it easier for me to reuse 1 year ago
IamTheFij e83d5b6784 Add integration test 1 year ago
IamTheFij 9913442526 Add the ability to create execute jobs on long running containers 1 year ago
IamTheFij 5c5fda3ddf Add example compose 1 year ago
IamTheFij 050465b0aa Update jobs only when a new container id is found 2 years ago
IamTheFij bda0ce4b1f Add pre-commit and clean up 1 year ago
IamTheFij 607d364d29 First addition of tests 1 year ago
IamTheFij e9e555e5a2 Add a client interface so I can build unit tests 1 year ago
IamTheFij a6b46bfca2 Update all make targets and Readme for building 2 years ago
IamTheFij c9374f5e83 Update staged build with versioning and targets 2 years ago
IamTheFij 7af52c54b1 Fix drone builds building wrong arm64 images 2 years ago
IamTheFij 0e44c6e2cf Switch to go mod instead of dep 3 years ago
IamTheFij aa35a8271c Add versioning to dockron binary 3 years ago
IamTheFij 44a54f1c7f Add multi-arch builds 3 years ago
IamTheFij 5b5c1ce040 Rename binary 4 years ago
IamTheFij a4dad986cc Add Dockerfile 4 years ago
IamTheFij 5d88657d96 Add Makefile and dependency management 4 years ago