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  IamTheFij a60ff562c7 Merge branch 'add-exec-schedules' into master 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 82dc4b82e7 Add test instructions 6 months ago
  IamTheFij a823590368 Update readme with exec instructions 6 months ago
  IamTheFij eb7cdb0d1f Update pipeline notify 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 2808b07b09 Make sure version is set when building final binaries 6 months ago
  IamTheFij a5f9b0866f Add tests to drone 6 months ago
  IamTheFij e83d5b6784 Add integration test 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 9913442526 Add the ability to create execute jobs on long running containers 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 5c5fda3ddf Add example compose 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 916e518f5b Update docker client 6 months ago
  IamTheFij f5b4867f68 Update golang.org/x/net 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 7b231be5b1 Add additional tests to cover the add and replace logic 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 050465b0aa Update jobs only when a new container id is found 10 months ago
  IamTheFij bda0ce4b1f Add pre-commit and clean up 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 607d364d29 First addition of tests 6 months ago
  IamTheFij e9e555e5a2 Add a client interface so I can build unit tests 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 6e324795d4 Use logger rather than print 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 9632615a91 Tidy up go modules 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 8bee376540 Update cron to v3 10 months ago
  IamTheFij bb6c7f903a Remove Gopkg.* 1 year ago
  IamTheFij c89d1e314c Update entrypoint and update multi-stage builds 1 year ago
  IamTheFij a6b46bfca2 Update all make targets and Readme for building 1 year ago
  IamTheFij c9374f5e83 Update staged build with versioning and targets 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 7af52c54b1 Fix drone builds building wrong arm64 images 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 0e44c6e2cf Switch to go mod instead of dep 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 33c945536a Switch to arm32v7 to match manifest 1 year ago
  IamTheFij aa35a8271c Add versioning to dockron binary 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 6e74d3b93f Update README to describe docker images 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 44a54f1c7f Add multi-arch builds 1 year ago
  IamTheFij b5a19bb1d2 Add drone builds 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 24078806e3 Updated tagline 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 5fcb935c0f Switch to busybox 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 5b5c1ce040 Rename binary 2 years ago
  IamTheFij e032fe6a66 Remove tick log because it's kinda pointless 2 years ago
  IamTheFij da50191759 Come up with a name and watch flag 2 years ago
  IamTheFij c840d7b0b2 Hella comments 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 3dcc190d3f A WIP README 2 years ago
  IamTheFij a4dad986cc Add Dockerfile 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 3c22782848 Add polling for changes from Docker 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 5d88657d96 Add Makefile and dependency management 2 years ago
  IamTheFij aa6da671ea Pre-loading batches into list 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 2318a12ff2 WIP - Actually kinda works! 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 2fc174ad96 Initial commit 2 years ago