Drone plugin to run pre-commit hooks
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A pre-commit plugin, for the drone.io project, which allows you to run pre-commit checks as part of your build steps.


An example configuration would be as follows:

  - name: run checks
    image: iamthefij/drone-pre-commit:latest

Or, if you have additional dependencies to install

  - name: run ruby dependent checks
    image: iamthefij/drone-pre-commit:latest
      - apt-get update
      - apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends ruby
      # You must run your own pre-commit command at the end
      - pre-commit run --all-files

Personal image

A second image is also built for my personal use, but it may be useful to you as well. This image includes the following dependencies:

  • hadolint
  • golang
  • golangci-lint

Installation scripts referencing versions are found in ./scripts.