101 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  IamTheFij 8e252f3bcb Slightly reduce image size by removing pip cache 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 1852e8c439 Revert both commits that remove py-tests 4 months ago
  IamTheFij db12bb5db1 Remove test dependency too 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 8992ac1d33 Add qemu binary download 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 9aa77b3739 Remove py-tests and pypi to speed up docker validation 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 67c02a3e6f Reduce piplines in build to reduce parallelism and notifications 4 months ago
  IamTheFij c9eaaaa45c Split tox step out of test pipelines 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 1251532ca6 Fix duplicate step names 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 874d4ab0aa Again move building docker latest on push to master 4 months ago
  IamTheFij ad4a3770e7 Update build pipeline to notify on docker fail/success 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 64e6542a93 Bump version of curl 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 0208858e5e Get back to building latest docker image on pushes to master 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 580f41e60e Switch from yaml to starlark build configuration 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 5a7adbcff5 Drop Python 3.4 support 4 months ago
  IamTheFij eed6262f27 Update run-metrics target to the same as run 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 0cbdff1b5d Update Dockerfiles to newer (roughly) pinned versions 6 months ago
  IamTheFij ad0bcc2b3f Add .mypy_cache to .gitignore 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 0a70ca768f Improve apk install 7 months ago
  IamTheFij 9eef77a457 Add bash syntax highlighting to Readme 9 months ago
  IamTheFij f74479c53a Fix Makefile typo 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 03ccef5ae5 Bump version 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 0557ab11c2 Fix docker healthcheck again 10 months ago
  IamTheFij da0c8a0fa9 Bump version to fix Docker 10 months ago
  IamTheFij e3e54c7a0f Update Makefile to make testing runs easier 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 9a8dbdbfef Roll utils and non-root stuff into main image 10 months ago
  IamTheFij e19280151e Update Dockerfile and example Dockerfile 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 8c14c9383e Update travis build 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 0db1f88330 Try to fix py34 and py35 builds 10 months ago
  IamTheFij cc66ab1918 Ignore virtualenv in docker build 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 2e814dea86 Simplify drone build 10 months ago
  IamTheFij 4683b3856e Allow building against more Python versions 10 months ago
  IamTheFij e8f7ba6801 Update docker scripts to work with a proxy 10 months ago
  IamTheFij e5687ed83e Add multi-arch build pipeline 11 months ago
  IamTheFij 3aad68e3f6 Split deploy to new pipeline 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 5839db14b1 Set description content type 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 3e3d87ac1a Fix secrets again 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 67153df889 Fix secret management 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 56f2040536 Fix drone deploy 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 8579c416a2 Release v1.0.0 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 5bd745ffe7 Update documentation in prep for stable release 1 year ago
  IamTheFij edb3bdb44a Allow disabling repeated alerts 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 05f630d08a Add log level control using command line arguments 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 8169b4257a Fix drone and travis builds 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 0ea55fa7b3 Add docker check example 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 6d93aed7f1 Add example exporting metrics to Prometheus 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 5783190f58 Add new scripts for checking status of Docker services 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 7ea24b8a89 Simplify sample config to work around bug in yamlenv 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 58b7cd2843 Bump version to v0.3.1 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 30a55b4ab2 Fix metrics exporting 1 year ago
  IamTheFij c7081a0d32 Add a simple integration test 1 year ago