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  IamTheFij 9eef77a457 Add bash syntax highlighting to Readme 1 month ago
  IamTheFij f74479c53a Fix Makefile typo 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 03ccef5ae5 Bump version 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 0557ab11c2 Fix docker healthcheck again 2 months ago
  IamTheFij da0c8a0fa9 Bump version to fix Docker 2 months ago
  IamTheFij e3e54c7a0f Update Makefile to make testing runs easier 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 9a8dbdbfef Roll utils and non-root stuff into main image 2 months ago
  IamTheFij e19280151e Update Dockerfile and example Dockerfile 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 8c14c9383e Update travis build 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 0db1f88330 Try to fix py34 and py35 builds 2 months ago
  IamTheFij cc66ab1918 Ignore virtualenv in docker build 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 2e814dea86 Simplify drone build 2 months ago
  IamTheFij 4683b3856e Allow building against more Python versions 2 months ago
  IamTheFij e8f7ba6801 Update docker scripts to work with a proxy 2 months ago
  IamTheFij e5687ed83e Add multi-arch build pipeline 3 months ago
  IamTheFij 3aad68e3f6 Split deploy to new pipeline 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 5839db14b1 Set description content type 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 3e3d87ac1a Fix secrets again 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 67153df889 Fix secret management 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 56f2040536 Fix drone deploy 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 8579c416a2 Release v1.0.0 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 5bd745ffe7 Update documentation in prep for stable release 4 months ago
  IamTheFij edb3bdb44a Allow disabling repeated alerts 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 05f630d08a Add log level control using command line arguments 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 8169b4257a Fix drone and travis builds 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 0ea55fa7b3 Add docker check example 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 6d93aed7f1 Add example exporting metrics to Prometheus 7 months ago
  IamTheFij 5783190f58 Add new scripts for checking status of Docker services 11 months ago
  IamTheFij 7ea24b8a89 Simplify sample config to work around bug in yamlenv 7 months ago
  IamTheFij 58b7cd2843 Bump version to v0.3.1 11 months ago
  IamTheFij 30a55b4ab2 Fix metrics exporting 11 months ago
  IamTheFij c7081a0d32 Add a simple integration test 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 0c0a0d9085 Add new Prometheus metrics endpoint 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 4f147b2e59 Clean up sample-config.yml 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 25121bc3a0 Change warn to warning 1 year ago
  IamTheFij e20e75b2bf Bump version to v0.2.1 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 713abaa736 Fixed bug that was introduced after adding new alert types 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 26b17a4019 Use SOMETAG rather than from git, if available 1 year ago
  IamTheFij b8d86917e1 Bump version to v0.2.0 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 16be263093 Add the ability to include last command output in the alert 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 34c5ab47ff Add notify step to Drone builds 1 year ago
  IamTheFij e68e3e10a0 Bump version and tell Drone to deploy 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 01905c895e Merge branch 'dockerfile' 1 year ago
  IamTheFij f4952b61d1 Update Dockerfile to build the current working copy 1 year ago
  Kevin Eaton dd938835c8 Added basic docker support 1 year ago
  IamTheFij aad28976e2 Add alerting for recovered monitors 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 4fe8020a77 Allow opening coverage report on Linux systems too 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 09fc0f6156 Use new make target for drone 1 year ago
  IamTheFij 27394535ec Use new make target for travis 1 year ago
  IamTheFij c66e15dd4f Speed up builds and add pypi step 1 year ago