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ViViDboarder 5238bc1b60 Slim final image 23 hours ago
ViViDboarder 08dcdd2bba Bump minor version 1 week ago
ViViDboarder a1a69617e3 Use correct image name 1 week ago
ViViDboarder 80a16664e8 Update Dockerfile.alpine to pass hadolint 1 week ago
ViViDboarder 13e0775d56 Add GitHub Actions 1 week ago
ViViDboarder 77919aa3d4 Improved error handling 1 week ago
Ian c090fb5a52
Merge pull request #32 from ibotty/log-uid 1 month ago
ViViDboarder 231f9036fb Add --build flag to example compose 1 month ago
ViViDboarder adf460c05e Add some additional configs for easier testing 1 month ago
Tobias Florek 8be4057e3b also log uid when email not found 1 month ago
ViViDboarder 2f6ecc6860 Bump version for vaultwarden release 2 months ago
ViViDboarder a0bb9152ee Rebrand vaultwarden 2 months ago
ViViDboarder e05929765c Bump version to v0.3.1 to fix alpine build 4 months ago
ViViDboarder 8d0f48f00c alpine: Bump ca-certificates to fix build 4 months ago
ViViDboarder 1d07357a97 Bump to v0.3.0 6 months ago
ViViDboarder d5dd5903b1 Merge branch 'starttls' into master 6 months ago
ViViDboarder c2ae9c1e93 Update pre-commit hooks 6 months ago
ViViDboarder b47d279ca9 Update readme with starttls documentation 6 months ago
Ian 402fff84fd Add support for starttls 6 months ago
ViViDboarder be227a638d Bump version to v0.2.1 9 months ago
ViViDboarder b04ee3a60a Update rust to 1.46 9 months ago
ViViDboarder d19a0efae7 Bump version to v0.2.0 12 months ago
ViViDboarder d41b93d3b9 Update compose target for bitwarden_rs 12 months ago
Ian 7b3a814ce7
Merge pull request #13 from jerhat/master 12 months ago
jerhat f5b94ee792 renamed bitwarden_root_cert into bitwarden_root_cert_file 12 months ago
ViViDboarder 91d70e6bb8 Add linting, formatting and other checks 12 months ago
jerhat acf8165bed added instructions to expose the cert to container when using docker 12 months ago
jerhat 78be951474 Added optional ldap_no_tls_verify config that allows bypassiung ldap ssl certification check 12 months ago
jerhat 9d7f226c8e Added optional bitwarden_root_cert config to trust an additional root certificate when connecting to the bitwarden_rs instance. This can be useful in corporate environments where certificates are issued by a local CA (or for self-signed certificates) 12 months ago
ViViDboarder 2e5c4c5b55 Bump version to v0.1.2 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 7f35c2a989 Make checking for existing users case insensitive 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 42489d39e1 Fix a few compile warnings 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 76e803a472 Update Cargo.lock with new version 2 years ago
ViViDboarder ecddb2bf1d Bump version to v0.1.1 2 years ago
Ian c493366efd Fix invalid email field error 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 829ed5585c Add alpine base option 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 233e040668 Lock down registration in sample config 2 years ago
ViViDboarder f94f5ae7e0 Fix disabled check 2 years ago
ViViDboarder b6c9cae8f3 Update Readme 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 381544813b Fix warning 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 6ee352d35e Remove extra print 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 8171464c49 Update compose to mostly work 2 years ago
ViViDboarder d373a99211 Add Dockerfile 2 years ago
ViViDboarder c06d23b836 Update to not query invites, but instead use new _Status field 2 years ago
ViViDboarder c42bb99536 Update Readme 2 years ago
ViViDboarder d1b467a148 Add checking of both users and invites before sending new ones 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 57851489cb Add cli 2 years ago
ViViDboarder cbdd7b8c5b WIP get users 2 years ago
ViViDboarder d38a2e8b37 Add Cargo.lock since this is an executable 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 25b6fed023 Update Readme with instructions 2 years ago