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Ian ce6cb783d0
Merge pull request #82 from epsilon-0/master 6 months ago
Aisha Tammy 97a64c7247 add security features on OpenBSD 7 months ago
Ian dd92cc509a
Merge pull request #54 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/serde-1.0.132 11 months ago
Ian 8ab22b5788
Merge pull request #56 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/serde_json-1.0.73 11 months ago
Ian 4d71304f91
Merge pull request #59 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/reqwest-0.11.9 11 months ago
Ian 7514928afe
Merge pull request #55 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/anyhow-1.0.52 11 months ago
dependabot[bot] ef52691c63
Bump reqwest from 0.11.7 to 0.11.9 11 months ago
dependabot[bot] 8992de2e6b
Bump anyhow from 1.0.51 to 1.0.52 11 months ago
ViViDboarder 5d41a1532f Update ca-certs for alpine 11 months ago
ViViDboarder 13760d7e6f Fix hadolint in github actions 11 months ago
ViViDboarder 71aa764522 Bump cargo versions in prep for release 11 months ago
ViViDboarder 653891102b Update pre-commit hooks 11 months ago
dependabot[bot] 2d5656bd22
Bump serde_json from 1.0.72 to 1.0.73 11 months ago
dependabot[bot] b134df4653
Bump serde from 1.0.131 to 1.0.132 11 months ago
dependabot[bot] f1b229ebc3
Merge pull request #45 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/reqwest-0.11.4 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 829ae70a9b Update reqwest usage for new version 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] fce9d3064c
Bump reqwest from 0.9.24 to 0.11.4 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] 741ece568a
Merge pull request #44 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/ldap3-0.9.3 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] 4c4112cd82
Merge pull request #49 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/anyhow-1.0.51 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 3a34f70385 Make ldap mutable to support new version 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] 1c69bd6936
Bump anyhow from 1.0.42 to 1.0.51 1 year ago
Ian 9e7f4a7820
Merge pull request #48 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/serde_json-1.0.72 1 year ago
Ian 3c83cde044
Merge pull request #46 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/serde-1.0.131 1 year ago
Ian 07b05844b3
Merge pull request #47 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/cargo/thiserror-1.0.30 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] 0c2c2eae0d
Bump serde_json from 1.0.64 to 1.0.72 1 year ago
Ian bc390527bd
Merge pull request #43 from ViViDboarder/dependabot/github_actions/pre-commit/action-2.0.3 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] d9468b0105
Bump thiserror from 1.0.26 to 1.0.30 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] d29d7ffb07
Bump serde from 1.0.126 to 1.0.131 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] ade0192e11
Bump ldap3 from 0.6.1 to 0.9.3 1 year ago
dependabot[bot] 40113a71d4
Bump pre-commit/action from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 1 year ago
Ian 55e3536c70
Merge pull request #42 from GoliathLabs/dependabot 1 year ago
GoliathLabs d21c835411
Added: newline 1 year ago
GoliathLabs 0d49839189
Added: dependabot.yml 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 60699e6f5a Ignore consecutive run statement in hadolint 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 85511d8dc9 Update rust build to 1.56.1 and alpine rust version to 1.51.0 1 year ago
ViViDboarder db03a5299f Fix new linting error (thanks clippy!) 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 96d7483d31 More descriptive errors when failing to parse a config file 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 94d82a827f Bump version to v0.6.1 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 21a50a1ee0 Fix alpine build 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 5682eab8dc Update Readme to describe how to configure using env variables 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 556a8edbe7 Bump release v0.6.0 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 0ea5eadd71 Make running integration tests easier 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 5fd947f127 Clean up of env config PR 1 year ago
Tobias Florek f25278ea3c implement loading config from environment 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 5238bc1b60 Slim final image 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 08dcdd2bba Bump minor version 2 years ago
ViViDboarder a1a69617e3 Use correct image name 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 80a16664e8 Update Dockerfile.alpine to pass hadolint 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 13e0775d56 Add GitHub Actions 2 years ago
ViViDboarder 77919aa3d4 Improved error handling 2 years ago