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  ViViDboarder 5c97af4fb3 Final fix for travis? 2 weeks ago
  ViViDboarder 57836c2bf5 Fix reference to old Dockerfile 2 weeks ago
  ViViDboarder f95963bf9f Update readme 2 weeks ago
  ViViDboarder 56e900b9aa Try to do multi-arch on docker hub 2 weeks ago
  ViViDboarder fbd8117b3c Add gitignore for sample compose artifacts 6 months ago
  ViViDboarder 53e306d884 Fix env parsing for variables with spaces 6 months ago
  ViViDboarder 963815c47b Remove travis arm build 6 months ago
  ViViDboarder f153d3d638 Print logs if failing tests 6 months ago
  ViViDboarder fa9c0f9798 Add healthcheck to Docker image 6 months ago
  ViViDboarder b2fd9d4259 Add support for pre/post scripts 10 months ago
  ViViDboarder f4b9383c2a Fix arm test target typo 6 months ago
  Ian 7b4e31c00d ARM: Move setuptools to pip from apt 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 9671c1461d Update test to be more testy 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 947dc939f2 Switch from entrypoint to start command to allow exec of other scripts 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 707b8f304b Clean test scripts 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder f57ea36f98 Obtain locks before restoring or backing up 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder cad7d68644 Add b2 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder e56e1a983a Add ability to auto restore 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder efb7d3e5ab Add test for existance of cron and crontab 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 4e1eb0592b Revert "Allow building arm images on x86 or arm hosts" 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder e8e13662b2 Update readme with restore instructions 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 137d32c575 Allow building arm images on x86 or arm hosts 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 9e9f9ec956 Add new integration test against minio 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 1fdaff84e4 Add more packages to support more backends 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder f7cdf9c9b6 Speed up builds by installing less packages 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 5c1427683c Build everything but only run default test 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 2ff893f43b Add Readme badge 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 47a8ef4534 Now test both x86 and arm 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 1b9f67439b Add travis build to run tests 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 7cf2edcd5e Add test for incorrect password causing failed restore 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder ad2d5bdec9 Minor improvement on tests to make it quicker 1 year ago
  Ian bf795d2089
Merge pull request #2 from dpangier/master 1 year ago
  David Angier 4362470db3 updated to latest boto for AWS S3 EU compatability 1 year ago
  ViViDboarder 917a4577c5 Add schedule for full backups and restore args 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder 6c28a96a22 Add --force to restore since it's in place 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder eb98fb2d3c Add more tips to readme 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder 78c41bee62 Fix ftp->ncftp 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder 1c90005b96 Remove --allow-source-mismatch arg 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder b6a775176b Add missing dependencies for ftp and cron on arm 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder ccd2cb4145 Fixing opt arguments 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder 69b2ce781d Add some targets to drop into a shell 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder b3ff6b6cce Add restore script and restore test 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder 7dfaef9365 Add some to dos 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder e42eef8fcd Add x86 and arm builds and tests 2 years ago
  ViViDboarder c5d673885e Initial commit of actual data 2 years ago
  Ian 8d1f80fa17 Initial commit 2 years ago