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ViViDboarder c6178e6550 Fix init for s6 supervisor 7 months ago
ViViDboarder f34558cfb8 Bump rclone addon version 7 months ago
ViViDboarder 50a8590d38 Update pins of python and pip and reduce image size 7 months ago
ViViDboarder 57376bfdef Output crond logs to stderr 7 months ago
Ian ae71c3d5f9 bake backup dir writeable to allow pruning 11 months ago
Ian 37c85c69b6 bump version 11 months ago
Ian 8ec9e96d7b Fix path to backup files 11 months ago
Ian 2b749a7f76 Bump version 12 months ago
Ian a97c838413 Fix adding time gaps 12 months ago
ViViDboarder f678ec65b9 Initial addition of timegaps pruning 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 9891b6d111 Remove slug prefix 1 year ago
ViViDboarder e1766c6009 Update documentation 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 44e0eca998 Add name and date to license 1 year ago
ViViDboarder caa34902ed Update addon description 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 262059b9a0 Convert to an addon repository 1 year ago
ViViDboarder 100f24ddfd Start config validation and ssl 1 year ago
ViViDboarder e03459a288 Initial working version 1 year ago
Ian b64b076b53
Initial commit 1 year ago