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  IamTheFij 2947220b21 Update crawler to use new version and avoid redundant fetching 4 months ago
  IamTheFij 854b090145 Fix dealing with dates that don't have a timezone. For now, just skip them 5 months ago
  IamTheFij b4c690aeb3 Handle emails with no subject 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 9552f9788a Ignore prod compose file 6 months ago
  IamTheFij 796f1f885a Add healthcheck url 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 478a3fb225 Return list of tracking numbers in reverse order. Recent first 2 years ago
  IamTheFij eabe2af9b1 Bump sinatra version since 2.0.0 is insecure 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 631959109b Add indexer gemfile 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 194afe8579 Add parser gemfile 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 153293b1e5 Make table responsive 2 years ago
  IamTheFij bceb559a16 Fully remove flask_bootstrap 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 4624d60e6d Add simple landing page to viewer 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 4bb2dad22f Remove flask_bootstrap 2 years ago
  IamTheFij fc000c3b65 Reconnect on flaky connection 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 563e75f2b6 Batch querying every 10 min and processing new messages 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 814f57a2e4 Use imbox instead 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 859f0e040e Update dockerignore for tokendb 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 3e882e862e Fix token db path 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 03ceca1620 POC Viewer for shipping that shows some status info and provides a url UPS only so far 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 3085a45ac9 Add viewer prototype for packages 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 8f251a5a0f Make writes to indexer idempotent 2 years ago
  IamTheFij ebf630df2d Update indexer to write sqlite db to persisted volume 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 7595af98f9 Update crawler logging and handling of unicode errors 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 271513312f Update package tracking parser version 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 3f877014b3 Pin versions in indexer 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 7ad8d1952f Update readme 2 years ago
  IamTheFij d455ed1700 Add indexer readme 2 years ago
  IamTheFij b5358b2878 Now indexing metadata 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 52883ff5c4 Add initial indexer apis 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 9d88bcf1b2 Crawler now logs results of parser to console 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 5882fe6ebb Update docker config for crawler service and parser 2 years ago
  IamTheFij df4f53dac4 Crawler now reads a few emails and prints the body 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 4d954a879b Update gitignore 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 0529de1723 Update 'parsers/Readme.md' 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 05182a65fe Add first parser 2 years ago
  IamTheFij 1d0d1b5cc2 Initial commit 2 years ago