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IamTheFij ce986e8d1d Roll back to alpine:3.12 1 month ago
IamTheFij 31a4b484bf Merge branch 'duration-intervals' 1 month ago
IamTheFij 49e3635819 Add backwards compatility explanation in Readme 1 month ago
IamTheFij 444d060736 Remove qemu-user-static from Dockerfile and update alpine 1 month ago
IamTheFij 860c2cdf43 Add custom type to parse out seconds as int and durations as strings 1 month ago
IamTheFij befea7375f Add check runtime metric 1 month ago
IamTheFij 04395fa693 Add duration parsing tests 1 month ago
IamTheFij bdf7355fa7 Add duration parsing for intervals 1 month ago
IamTheFij 30c2c7d6b2 Add Dockerfile linting back in 1 month ago
IamTheFij 5f250f17a8 Add more liniting and update to pass 1 month ago
IamTheFij fda9e1bfc3 Replace log with slog 1 month ago
IamTheFij f0e179851f Update linting and a test case 6 months ago
IamTheFij 9e124803da Add release uploads 6 months ago
IamTheFij 2c4543a7bc Update go version to 1.15 6 months ago
IamTheFij a1b906b94a Update for go 1.15 7 months ago
IamTheFij 0a5be250b5 Scripts: Add echoing log lines to helper scripts 7 months ago
IamTheFij 88f77aa27c Fix Makefile comment 7 months ago
IamTheFij 67c2375bba Remove docker linting for now 11 months ago
IamTheFij aad9eaa32f Update exported status metric to properly reflect alerting status of a monitor 11 months ago
IamTheFij 5dc5ba5257 Add docker linting 11 months ago
IamTheFij 4aff294739 Set overrided version in drone config 12 months ago
IamTheFij 0684b15a44 Update logic for setting version 12 months ago
IamTheFij d3826dacde Update drone to use new linux only target 12 months ago
IamTheFij f8e40c643c Move static binaries to dist/ for easier publishing 12 months ago
IamTheFij cffbbd734a Make default log alert conditional 1 year ago
IamTheFij ad6f3be6ec Update README with more detailed running instructions from prior project 1 year ago
IamTheFij ae30f477f7 Add ability to customize metrics port 1 year ago
IamTheFij 9dcd8ebf12 Update README to correct differences between py and go versions 1 year ago
IamTheFij 11af700618 Merge branch 'minitor-py-compat-rebase' 1 year ago
IamTheFij 00029a6327 Make Python compatability a flag 1 year ago
IamTheFij 9c21880efa Add a default log alert 1 year ago
IamTheFij 8b0d3b65cf Try to allow parsing of Minitor-py templates 1 year ago
IamTheFij 25c5179d3d Switch to a single key for command and command shell 1 year ago
IamTheFij eb7ad0b25e Allow specifying config path as an argument 1 year ago
IamTheFij 3b963f420f Remove underscore var name 1 year ago
IamTheFij 162e8618cb Revert "Don't copy extra qemu files" 1 year ago
IamTheFij c67fe1f4c7 Go back to copying all files because drone doesn't like this 1 year ago
IamTheFij 5b69eacdd5 Don't copy extra qemu files 1 year ago
IamTheFij d6b979f06e Update README to correct typo and checklist 1 year ago
IamTheFij f4a972747f Add notify after docker builds 1 year ago
IamTheFij c7c82fabe8 Add qemu binaries 1 year ago
IamTheFij f807caa1ad Add multi-arch builds 1 year ago
IamTheFij 3226be69e7 Fix issue with shell commands containing "<>" and unecessary (and poor) escaping 1 year ago
IamTheFij 0269ad3512 Add new test for multi-line YAML strings 1 year ago
IamTheFij f6ccd9a3bd Update Dockerfiles to newer (roughly) pinned versions 2 years ago
IamTheFij f463ef27b7 Update Dockerfiles to make this version runnable 2 years ago
IamTheFij 76ae8f3a44 Do build and test in one step 2 years ago
IamTheFij 9b9f803231 Add pre-commit to the repo 2 years ago
IamTheFij b808df7365 Update README to indicate where to get alert template info 2 years ago
IamTheFij b1422bbec2 Add split out metrics to a new make target 2 years ago